Director and Management profile


Executive Director & Company Founder

– Anthony Allan                                                                                                    

Anthony has 19 years of experience in the industry. As the Executive Director & Company Founder, Anthony takes a hands-on approach to building a solid reputation for A & N Security.  Anthony is committed to quality service and customer satisfaction. He personally conducts weekly random inspections, which not only enures his commitment to clients but also gives them peace of mind that his clients are receiving the same professional security service from start – present – future.  Anthony’s leadership skills and ability to find security solutions has been fundamental in building one of the most progressive security firms in Queensland.


Operations Manager

– Jason Williams
Jason has worked in the security industry for over 15 years.  Jason’s high level of experience within the security industry over the years has provided him skills which includes operations management, control room operations, security for special/VIP events and static guarding. Jason manages the facilities and supervises, motivates and trains security personnel on a regular basis. Jason is responsible for appointing permanent and casual staff, organising weekly security rosters for all venues within the client’s requirements. He also conducts pro-active security training sessions and random venue checks to ensure our high level of professionalism is being me and also complies with Qld and Australian Standards.


Administration Support

– Ana Paula

Ana provides administration support to Anthony and Jason, organising interviews for management record keeping, filing and other administrational duties.