Training & Selection Criteria

Extensive Training:


A & N Security’s personnel all must complete a rigorous training program. A & N Security’s training process exceeds most state licensing requirements and includes courses such as ‘Tactical & Controlled Restraints’ and ‘Conflict Resolution through Negotiation’ providing Certificate III in Security Operations.


A & N Security are so committed in ensuring all security personnel are continually trained we have specifically designed and provided free of charge to our security officers a 24 hour gymnasium and training centre located in Broadbeach on the Gold Coast.


Selective Recruitment:

An intensive and rigorous selection and screening process allows A & N Security to evaluate and select only the most qualified candidates. Our hiring procedures include personal interviews, comprehensive background investigations, employment reference checks and language skills assessment. You have our personal guarantee they are of the highest quality, experienced and knowledgeable security personnel the Gold Coast has to offer. In any community, rules are generally accepted as being essential. Similarly in an organization such as ours, rules are necessary to ensure safe, efficient, high quality operations result; therefore we personally endorse our strict ‘Code of Conduct’.


A & N Security believes that retaining good talent upholds a standard of excellence that benefits your organisation and ours. We create an environment that motivates our security personnel by encouraging personal and professional growth. Our benefits and compensation program is designed to attract and keep a hight standard of security specialists.